Missed Calls

“There are nights when I want to just be completely honest, to break down my own walls and lay out my heart on my palm,” she said, “to call him and hear his voice. Because god, after everything that happened it’s still his ghost I dance with every night.”

“I want to tell him that I missed getting lost in his eyes when he talked about his childhood and scars, the sound of our laughter together, the feel of his skin under my fingertips.”

“I want to know if he knew what he was getting into when he decided to walk in my life and made me think that love was possible again, and if he ever thought twice before cutting the strings that held me together. I want to say that I know it wasn’t always easy to be around me, that there were times when storms were my shadow, but he could have been gentler with my heart.”

“I want to ask why it’s difficult to walk away from him, why I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing his face, why I still taste him whenever I lick my lips. I want to say that it’s taking a long time for the wounds to heal, that I’m bleeding words, that I don’t know how to forget.”

Missed Calls

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