The Little Prince


Here’s a little secret – I came across a “contest” with Little Prince merchandise up for grabs!

It was a bit rushed, cause the excitement was tickling me from my toes to the crown of my head. It’s a bit raw…so…but…here it goes –

For 72 years, The Little Prince has touched the hearts and lives of people from all over the world, and the one million dollar question is – how has the story changed the way you see things now that you’re older?

It took me growing up, and countless of re-reading this book to realise that The Little Prince is the epitome of what being an adult is like. We are the Little Prince, who realised a little too late that nothing can ever replace the rose he left; the pilot, who has given up his dream of becoming an artist because grown-ups saw a hat instead of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant in his drawing, and had to let go of someone special to him because keeping that person would only do more harm than good; the king, who claimed to reign over everything else; the vain man, who continuously seek the admiration and approval of others; the drunkard, who drank to forget; the businessman, who was too busy counting his stars that he has forgotten to appreciate their beauty; the lamplighter, who has lost himself in a routine, he failed to enjoy the moment; the geographer, who searched for far-off lands that he omitted exploring his own world; the rose, which I think, in a sense of pride, pushed the one that loved her away; and yes, also the fox, who needed companionship.

This book is a reminder that the judgments and interpretations of others towards your work should never discourage you from pursuing your dreams; that judging yourself is far more important than judging others; that we should stop trying to please and gain approval from other people to make ourselves feel better; that failures in life are inevitable, and rather than forgetting them through alcohol, we should learn from our mistakes instead; that there will come a point in adulthood where you will drown yourself in your job to earn a living, or to become a step closer to your dreams, but this should not stop us from appreciating the beauty around us and in life; that routine, as much as it helps in our daily lives, should not stop us from enjoying taking a pause and enjoying the little moments; that actually doing something and starting small are much better than just dreaming of far-off places in your room; that we should never take anyone for granted, should never push away those we love and should never be selfish of words we mean; that it is okay to be lonely, that it is okay to need companionship; that sometimes, we have to let people go. This book is a reminder of how we should at least try as adults to be better and to never forget how it feels like to be a chid again.

The Little Prince

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