Oh yeah, you did it on your own,

Now you got to go,
Oh no, I won’t let you get me down,
You tried to hurt my feelings,
You stopped me dreaming,
But here I draw the line 
– Missed, Ella Henderson
I wish it was effortless to let go of someone who has left a blackhole in your chest. To be able to wish them well, genuine and without a sinking heart. Without bitterness or remorse, just gratitude that your paths have intertwined, even if it wasn’t enough.
I wish I could say –
It has been fun catching rainbows with you, but it’s time to put an end to this pointless chase. Thank you, thank you. This is me giving you the good in goodbye. This is me wishing you find someone who would help carry your burdens and bury your ghosts, someone who would light up all your dark. And when you find her, I hope you let her in, completely. I hope you find your peace. Goodbye now, love.
But right now, I can’t see much difference in letting go and holding on; the emptiness feels the same to me. Someday though, I will set these words free to reach you and wipe away the regrets in my eyes with a smile.

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