“How did you do it?” she asked.
“As cliche as it sounds, I left it to time to mend what was broken in me. Getting drunk, going out every night, kissing strangers – they were all temporary fixes, and I realised, will never be enough to fill in the hole left by the person I thought was the love of my life. It had to come from within me,” I paused.
“He was, and still is, the only person who I can strip off naked to, without a moment of hesitation – physically, emotionally and mentally. I had no need of building walls with him or having to think twice before saying something. All my insecurities ceased to exist when I was with him. And the only way to let go of all that was to completely accept that he could no longer be that person for me and to cling on to the hope that the love of my life is yet to come knocking on my door one day.”

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