calling bs on distance

They say –
distance makes the
heart go fonder.
Well I say –
that’s bullshit
a lie
people tell
to paint distance
into something beautiful,
because it gets lonely
I post a picture of myself,
looking happy
(or at least pretending to be),
and I wait for your name
to pop out
“how are you?”
“I’ve missed you.”
(I’ve missed you too)
heart, constantly longing
to hear your voice
to taste your mouth
and to feel your touch
(what else am I to do with
these days of silence?)
how do you fill in the space?
bring me back
to the time when
we survived even
the time difference
because really,
all this distance is nothing,
if we wanted to
there’s no need for this
if only your heart
looks for mine
calling bs on distance

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